• Lisa Perkins

What’s your take on the virtual concerts?

A lot of bands and solo artists are posting live performances right now on social media sites. I think that’s a great idea...ONLY if you are doing a solo act, or perhaps a duo with someone that you have been quarantined with. I can appreciate the thought and the time that went into putting those together, and for the ones that I have watched, I have truly enjoyed. However, I have also noticed that they have been sharing mics and not maintaining the 6 ft distance. No hand sanitizer, no gloves, no masks, etc.

I know that we all miss performing, but y’all please be careful and be smart. This disease does not discriminate, and none of us are exempt. Prayerfully, this pandemic will be over soon and we can all get back to our stages. They will be there waiting for us. Let’s please be smart and do the necessary things that will keep us alive so that we can grace them. I love you all!

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